#ASunWBB Conference Record Book Chasing: Jan. 17th

Thursday, January 17, 2013

MACON, Ga. – Atlantic Sun Women's Hoops has several career and single season records in jeopardy with plenty of players knocking on the door to past records.

Players like USC Upstate Tee'Ara Copney and Kennesaw State's Sametria Gideon have many conference records in their sights as the season continues.

Here's a look at some at some of the conference records that may belong to new athletes.

Career Records Up For Grabs:
Tee'Ara Copney, USC Upstate
• Career Points: 1,447 - 25th Place; Needs 43 points for 24th
• Career Field Goal Attempts:1,314 - 16th Place; Needs ten attempts for 15th
• Career Steals: 252 - Tied 13th Place; Needs five steals for 12th
• Career Three-Point Field Goals: 177 - 13th Place; Needs 22 three's to tie for 12th
• Career Three-Point Field Attempts: 551 - 11th Place; Needs ten attempts for 10th

Sametria Gideon, Kennesaw State
• Career Points: 1,121 - 66th Place; Needs three points for 65th
• Career Rebounds: 964 - 10th Place; Needs 29 rebounds for 9th
• Career Free Throw Attempts: 481 - 20th Place; Needs five attempts to tie for 19th
• Career Blocks: 124 - 15th Place; Needs three attempts for 20th
• 1,000 Points & 1,000 rebounds: Needs 36 rebounds to become the 9th player to achieve

Ashley Holliday, Kennesaw State
• Career Three-Point Field Goals: 189 - Tied 12th Place; Needs 19 three-pointers for 11th
• Career Three-Point Field Attempts: 619 - 7th Place; Needs 32 attempts for 6th

Victoria McGowan, Stetson
• Career Points: 1,301 - Tied 36th Place; Needs 14 points for 35th
• Career Three-Point Field Goals Attempted: 563 - 10th Place; Needs 12 attempts for 9th

Lakira Jones, North Florida
• Career Rebounds: 633 - 43rd Place; Needs one rebound to tie for 42nd
• Career Blocks: 123 - 16th Place; Needs one block to tie for 15th

Tosha Austin, ETSU
• Career Blocks: 114 - 19th Place; Needs two blocks to tie for 18th

Jadhken Kerr, North Florida
• Career Three-Point Field Goals: 240 - 5th Place; Needs 4 three-pointers to tie for 4th
• Career Three-Point Field Attempts: 714 - 5th Place; Needs 5 attempts for 4th

Sarah Hansen, FGCU
• Career Points: 1,199 - 51st Place; Needs two points for 50th

Single-Season Records Potentially to be Broken:
Victoria McGowan, Stetson
• Three-Point Field Goal Percentage: 47.4 - Currently Ranks 3rd All-Time; A-Sun Record: 56.1

Rianna Gayheart, Northern Kentucky
• Three-Point Field Goal Percentage: 43.5 - Currently Ranks Tied 11th All-Time; A-Sun Record: 56.1

Jama Sharp, Stetson
• Three-Point Field Goal Percentage: 43.1 - Currently Ranks Tied 14th All-Time; A-Sun Record: 56.1

Sharnea Boykin, Mercer
• Assists Per Game: 6.2 - Currently Tied 23rd All-Time; A-Sun Record: 10.3

Brittany Kennedy, FGCU
• Steals Per Game: 3.1 - Currently Tied 25th All-Time; A-Sun Record: 5.5

Sarah Hansen, FGCU
• Free-Throw Percentage: 87.1 - Currently 9th All-Time; A-Sun Record: 92.2

Tee'Ara Copney, USC Upstate
• Free-Throw Percentage: 94.1 - Currently 1st All-Time; A-Sun Record: 92.2

League action returns on Saturday with all teams scheduled to play.

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